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  1. WD Sentinel DX4200 Software Upgrade

Installing the Software Update

NOTE: WD recommends suspending all other activities on your WD Sentinel DX4200 while performing the software upgrade.

Software is an important part of your WD Sentinel Storage Server. WD continues to improve the product by providing software updates to ensure system continue to operate to the highest standards. Updating the software enables you to take advantage of improvements to the operation and performance of your WD Sentinel DX4200 Storage Server.

Important: Make sure the AC power adapter remains connected during the software update. A power disruption during the update process can corrupt the system software. Additionally, the Dashboard may shutdown during this process.

To update the WD software: From WD Server

  1. When an update is available for your WD Sentinel Storage Server, a message Software Update Available will display on the LCD screen.
  2. From WD StorCentral, select Settings.
  3. Under Software Updates, select the Check for Updates button.
  4. If new software is available, a window with the latest components will appear.
  5. Select Install Update and the new software components will download automatically.
  6. A Software Update message will appear with a request to reboot the server.
  7. Click Reboot to continue and the server will reboot.
  8. Upon completion of the reboot, the LCD will display SW Update Complete.

To update the WD software: Using USB Drive

  1. Download the Software Update file from WD Customer Support ( to a desire location on the PC.
  2. Obtain a USB Drive (2GB or larger) and insert it into a USB port on the PC.
  3. Copy the software update file on to the root directory of the USB Drive
  4. Create a folder within the USB drive and extract the contents of the Software Update zip file into the folder.
  5. Safely eject the USB Drive from the PC and insert it into one of the USB 3.0 port in the rear of the WD Sentinel Storage Server.
  6. From WD StorCentral, select Settings.
  7. Under Software Updates, select the Update from folder button.
  8. Navigate to the folder containing the software components and select OK.
  9. A window requesting closure of WD StorCentral will appear. Select OK.

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