My Book Live Duo Firmware Update 2.42.02-012

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Date Added: May 2013 / OS: Mac OS/Windows / File Size: 142 MB / Publisher: WD


Before updating to the latest firmware, it is recommended that you’ve installed the latest updates and service pack on your computer.

  • For Windows®, go to the Start menu and select Windows Update.
  • For Mac®, go to the Apple® menu and select Software Update.

What is new!
Firmware Release 2.42.02 - 012 (4/10/2013)

  • Resolved inability of Windows 8 File History to back up to default shares.
  • Resolved issue of auto updates not working when the hour is set as 1AM thru 9AM.
  • Resolved issue of internal server error pop-up appearing after changing the device name.
  • Resolved issue of slow media crawler performance on drives with large number of files.
  • Resolved driver support issue; now compatible with WD Windows 8 Rally driver.

Known Issue: For those updating from firmware 02.31.20-006 or earlier.

  • After updating your device, the updated DLNA® media server will rebuild the database to allow continued streaming of music, videos and pictures. Depending on the quantity of media files stored to your device, the database rebuilding process may take several hours to complete. During this time, you will not be able to stream your media content. After the rebuild is complete, you will be able to access and play your media files through your media player.

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