Maxtor Personal Storage 3100 Win98SE Driver 1.0

Date Added: Nov 2009 / OS: Windows 98/98 SE / File Size: 1654 KB / Publisher: Seagate


Additional drivers are required to use the Maxtor Personal Storage 3100 with Windows 98SE.

Please follow these steps for proper installation:

* Download and extract PS3100_98SE_Drivers.exe to the computer to which you connect the Personal Storage to. Seagate suggests that you extract the file to the C:> drive.
* Browse to the C:PS3100_98SE_Drivers folder and double-click on the 3100_98SE_Drivers file. This will launch the InstallShield Wizard.
* At the Welcome Screen, click Next.
* Reveiew and accept the terms of the License Agreement and click Next.
* At this point, the drivers will install for the Personal Storage 3100. When prompted, click Finish.
* Close all windows and shutdown your PC.
* Connect the Personal Storage 3100 to your PC and reboot.

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