Sony VAIO Care Performance Patch for Windows 8/8.1 64-bit

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Date Added: November 12, 2013 / Release Date: November 05, 2013 / Publisher:Sony / File Size: 553 KB
OS: Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit


This utility installs the VAIO Care Performance Patch software to resolve an issue where the brightness cannot be adjusted after the computer resumes from sleep mode.

Applicable Models:
SVF13N13CXB, SVF13N13CXS, SVF13N17PXB, SVF13N17PXS, SVF13N190X, SVF13N1ACXB, SVF13N1ACXS, SVP11213CXB, SVP11213CXS, SVP11214CXB, SVP11214CXS, SVP11215PXB, SVP11216PXB, SVP11216PXS, SVP112190X, SVP13213CXB, SVP13213CXS, SVP13213CYB, SVP13215PXB, SVP13215PXS, SVP132190X, SVP1321ACXB, SVP1321ACXS, SVP1321BPXB, SVP1321BPXR, SVP1321CPXB, SVP1321DCXS, SVP1321ECXB, SVP1321GGXBI, SVP1321HGXBI, SVP1321ZRZBI, SVT11213CXB, SVT11213CXW, SVT11215CXB, SVT11215CXW, SVT112190X, SVT21213CXB, SVT21213CYB, SVT21215CXB, SVT21216CXB, SVT21217CXB, SVT21218CXB, SVT212190X

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