Netgear WNDR3700v4 WiFi Router Firmware Upgrade (Except China and Russia Only)

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Date Added: May 02, 2015 / Release Date: March 23, 2015 / Publisher: Netgear / File Size: 8.8 MB
OS: Mac OS, Windows, Linux


New Features and Bug Fixes:

  • New European Union regulation support.
  • Supports AP mode detection.
  • Enhanced ACL support.
  • Supports 5G DFS channels in US, Canada, Europe and Australia.
  • Supports EXT4.
  • Changed WiFi on/off button behavior.
  • Supports ASCII input for WEP security type.
  • Removed WEP passphrase.
  • Supports MBR over 3TB HDD.
  • Added port field to make SMTP outgoing mail server port is editable.
  • Added GPL help url link in the web GUI.
  • Changed WiFi passphrase to "Password (Network Key)".
  • Removed WDS support.
  • IPv6 Readylogo support
  • Fixed "Can’t see a file or upload a file via FTP access if the file size is over 2GB on attached USB storage.
  • Fixed "Reboot the router to make the wireless on again even the wireless is turned off by schedule".
  • Fixed "Can’t enable wireless radio manually after the radio is turned off by schedule".
  • Fixed "Can’t turn off wireless signal by schedule if router is in AP mode".
  • Fixed "Attached device help bar shows error".
  • Fixed "Stop logging issue".
  • Fixed "Hair pin bug in port forwarding – the hair pin function can’t work when the external port and internal port are the same."
  • Fixed "Unable to see "Quantum Scales" wireless device in attached devices.
  • Fixed "WPS in progress bug which causes wireless setting can’t be applied".
  • Fixed "Can’t apply same SSID in 2.4G and 5G"
  • Fixed "USB LED blinking behavior after USB device attached"
  • Fixed "Can’t find FAT32 folder of attached USB storage through router’s FTP".
  • Fixed "Incorrect CSS styling display".
  • Fixed "Same MAC address shows multiple times in ACL".
  • Fixed "Genie network map can’t work".
  • Fixed "WAN IPv6 PPPoE DNS address has incorrect display".
  • Fixed the "ReadySHARE Storage" in the administration web GUI should not have underline.

Known Issues:

  • The WMP12 (windows media player) as DLNA client may take longer time to get file list or cannot get file list from the WNDR3700v4 attached USB storage while WNDR3700v4 acts as DLNA server if this USB storage has too many files.

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