Netgear R6100 Router Firmware Upgrade (North America Only)

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Date Added: July 26, 2013 / Publisher:Netgear / File Size: 8.8 MB
OS: Windows, Mac OS, Linux


Release Date: July 19, 2013.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue that when 5G wireless client disconnect and send re-associate packet to R6100 very quickly, R6100’s ICMP packet size will be corrupted.
  • Fixed a kernel panic issue which caused by 5G Rx reordering queue operate wrongly in a specific case.

Known Issues & Limitations:

  • The WMP (windows media player) as DLNA client may take longer time to get file list from the R6100 attached USB storage while R6100 acts as DLNA server if this USB storage has too many files.
  • Traffic meter - Traffic volume control is not accurate due to sampling rate. It may exceed the limit.
    Workaround: Set a proper number in "Mbytes before the monthly limit is reached" in the traffic control.

Note. Please remember to do factory default after firmware upgrade. Enter "Backup Settings" in the web GUI and click "Erase" button of "Revert to factory default settings".

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