Netgear JNR3210 Router Firmware Upgrade

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Date Added: July 26, 2013 / Publisher:Netgear / File Size: 7.3 MB
OS: Windows, Mac OS, Linux


Release Date: July 22, 2013.

New Features and Enhancements:

  • ReadySHARE Mobile: 3G/4G support.
  • On-demand: DLNA.
  • Further Downloader BT Enhancement.
  • FAT32 repair utility (fix disk corruption after hot unplug/plug)
  • Wifi AP mode.
  • Support Rev 11 multi-language support.

Bug Fixes:

  • Downloader issues:
    • GUI problem.
    • Error message modification.
    • Clear finished tasks when usb unplug or device reboot.
    • "save path" change to root after hot unplug<./li>
    • Downloader stop after idle time out.
  • IP-MAC binding cause some device not shown in attached devices.
  • Smart phone genie will recognize the wired client as wireless client.
  • Wifi schedule can not work well.
  • DDNS issues:
    • Wrong update info.
    • Translation issues.
  • Qos Issues:
    • GUI page string issues.
    • GUI page time out.
  • IPTV does not work.
  • Genie guest network password failed to setup.
  • Factory default can not auto popup page when IP conflict happen currentsetting.htm page will not hijack to Genie wizard after factory default.
  • Email login name len >= 17 ,email send fail.

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