Netgear FS728TPv2 Smart Switch Firmware Update

Date Added: Aug 2011 / OS: All OS / File Size: 3.70 MB / Publisher: Netgear


Bug Fixes:
* Fix the problem that the device does not retain the configuration of VLAN 2 as the management VLAN after a reboot.
* Fix the problem that backup configuration file shows PoE schedule dates are one month earlier.
* Change LLDP port Admin Status default setting from “Disabled” to “TX and RX” and Management IP address from “Stop Advertise” to “Auto Advertise” (System > LLDP > Advanced > LLDP Port Settings).
* Fix the problem that LLDP-MED Network Policy always shows VLAN ID for Voice as 0.
* Fix the problem that LLDP Port ID is not unique.
* Change IGMP Snooping Validate IGMP IP Header default setting from Enable to Disable (Switching > Multicast > IGMP Snooping > IGMP Snooping Configuration).

Known Issues:
* While the link is up, port cannot be removed from a VLAN if it is also member of a LAG.
Workaround: Remove the link or remove the port from the LAG first.
* After setting the maximum number of allowed static locked MAC address to zero (under Security > Traffic Control > Port Security > Interface Configuration), no static MAC address can be added even when port security is disabled.
Workaround: Change back the "Max Allowed Statically Locked MAC" from 0 to 20.
* Can’t remove a policy entry completely in the table under QoS > Diffserv > Advanced > Policy Configuration the first time.
Workaround: Need to select the same entry and click DELETE again

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