Linksys WRT1900AC v2 Wi-Fi Router Firmware Update

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Date Added: June 29, 2015 / Release Date: June 18, 2015 / Publisher: Linksys / File Size: 29.13 MB
OS: Mac OS, Windows, Linux



  • DO NOT power cycle the Router during the firmware upgrade process.
  • This firmware is ONLY for the WRT1900AC Ver. 2

Release log:

  • Removed passphrase data from the sysinfo page.
  • Configured auto-recovery feature to be always enabled.
  • Channels 12 and 13 added to the 2.4GHz channel list for AP.
  • Updated the 2.4GHz transmit power table for AU.
  • The Internet LED will now light up when the Activity Lights webUI feature is toggled.
  • The backup/restore feature will not overwrite device-specific data.

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