D-Link DGL-5500 Router Firmware Update 1.10b04

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Date Added: September 09, 2013 / Release Date: September 04, 2013 / Publisher:D-Link / File Size: 9.4 MB
OS: Mac OS, Windows, Linux


Problems Resolved and Enhancements:

  1. Fixed: Browser Compatibility for:
    • http://dlinkrouter.local
    • using QRS Mobile
  2. Fixed: Formatting in DHCP table
  3. Fixed: Updated WLAN Driver for stability
  4. Fixed: ACL rule can be deleted
  5. Fixed: MAC Filtering can On/Off even if rules exist
  6. Fixed: MAC Filtering config requiring reboot
  7. Added: Syslog under Status->Logs
  8. Added: Dynamic DNS under Advanced->DMZ
  9. Added: 5GHz Bursting as Default Enabled
  10. Added: WPS-PIN/PBC (for Win8.1 Logo, WPS logo)
  11. Added: Auto 20/40Mhz 2.4GHz Co-existence
  12. Performance Tuning: LAN-WAN QOS
  13. Performance Tuning: "my network map"
  14. Improved: MAC Filtering GUI Table formatting
  15. Improved: Inc. to 25 entries/page in Log
  16. Improved: Setup wizard bandwidth testing
  17. Improved: GUI Layout and Graphics
  18. Improved: Factory Default Setup Wizard behavior
  19. Improved: Web GUI for setting wireless encryption method
  20. Improved: User feedback messages
    • Page return flow when press cancel
    • Add Ok button to "Warning" messages
    • Prompt saving setting when press cancel
    • Prompt saving when user abandons page
  21. Improved: Correct DHCP Reservation Table Labels
  22. Improved: Correct DHCP Reservation IP management
  23. Improved: Correct DHCP Reservation GUI Button Improvements
  24. Remove: "802.11b only" mode in 2.4GHz.
  25. Remove: Guest field in wireless status page.

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