SteelSeries Engine 3.3.0 for Mac OS X

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Date Added: October 31, 2014 / Release Date: October 30, 2014 / Publisher: SteelSeries / File Size: 49.9 MB
OS: Mac OS X 10.7.5+, Mac OS X 10.8, Mac OS X 10.9


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some conditions that would cause the Loading screen to appear indefinitely.
  • Duplicating configurations should now copy all bindings correctly. This including saving new configurations from immutable ones.
  • Device configuration windows being resized with dialog boxes open should now not break the page layout.
  • Fixed a problem where editing an already recorded macro would not play back the correct events.
  • The quickset dialog should now stay open when adding a new application binding.
  • Fixed some cases where colors were not being correctly written to The Sims 4 headset.
  • Devices supported in newer versions of SSE3 synced down from Cloud Sync account to old versions should now only show up if they are fully supported.
  • Recording multiple simultaneous presses of the same modifier key should now not be possible.
  • Corrected some errors that would cause configuration windows not to load.
  • Macro playback should now correctly play the first record event on first playback.
  • As per the OS spec, mouse buttons 6 and up with be correctly recorded for macros.
  • Some cases that could make the device configuration windows appear behind the menu bar have been fixed.

New firmware is available for the following devices in SteelSeries Engine 3.2.4:

  • Apex - firmware version 0.56
    This firmware update is highly recommended and required to unlock some of the new features associated with the upgrade to SteelSeries Engine 3
  • Kinzu v3 - firmware version 0.147
    Fixed some sensor stability issues when at 4000 CPI

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