Ricoh GR DIGITAL IV Camera Firmware Upgrade 2.30

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Date Added: August 11, 2013 / Publisher:Ricoh / File Size: 4.1 MB
OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.3 or greater


Release Date: August 8, 2013.

Add the following enhanced features:

  1. The Fluorescent option has been removed from the white balance menu and replaced with Shade, Daylight Fl., Neut. Wht. Fl., Cool Wht. Fl., and Warm Wht. Fl. Cool Wht. Fl. offers the same white balance as the now-defunct Fluorescent option.
  2. A Multi AF/Spot AF toggle has been added to the list of Fn button pair options, for use when Multi AF or Spot AF is selected for focus mode. Note that the multi/spot AF toggle can not be used in macro mode, when the ADJ. lever is being used to activate AF or AE/AF target selection, or if AF-Cont is selected for Continuous Mode.
  3. A Very Weak vignetting option has been added to each of the Hi-Cntrast B&W, Cross Process, Positive Film, and Bleach Bypass menus.
  4. Target selection can now be activated by pressing and holding the macro button. Note that holding the macro button will not activate target selection when MF or Subj. Tracking is selected for focus mode.

Modifications and changes:

  1. The flash will now charge correctly when Auto is selected for Dynamic Range Compensation. This addresses an issue that sometimes delayed charging indefinitely.
  2. Addressed an issue that sometimes caused horizontal lines to appear when AE bracketing was used with high-contrast black-and-white.

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