Ricoh G700 Camera Firmware Upgrade 1.22

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Date Added: Jun 2013 / Publisher:Ricoh / File Size: 3.92 MB
OS: Mac OS X, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7


Release Date: 2013.03.06

New Features and Options for the G700

  1. Folder Naming Options
    A New folder options item has been added to the setup menu. Use this item to create folders for new pho-tographs. Choose from Standard , Date, and Custom.
  2. Show Folder at Startup
    A Show folder at startup option has been added to the setup menu. If On is selected, the name of the current folder and the number of images it con-tains will be displayed when the camera is turned on.
  3. Folder Playback
    Pressing view button in the calendar display displays a list of folders and the number of images they contain. Press up button or down button to highlight a folder and press search button to view the pictures it con-tains in the calendar display.
  4. Movies and Camera Memos
    Camera memos can now be added to movies.
  5. Movie Playback
    The ADJ./MEMO button is now used to add memos to movies to pause or resume playback, use the shutter button.
  6. New Picture Quality/Size Options
  7. New CALS Picture Quality Options
  8. Image File Names
    A File name item has been added to the setup menu. Use this option to choose the four-letter prefix for the image file names assigned automatically by the camera. To enter a custom prefix, left button, right button and MENU/OK buttons to enter a four-char-acter prefix. After entering all four char-acters, press ADJ./MEMO to exit.
  9. Camera Memo Options
    A Camera Memo Options item has been added to the camera memo menu (page 87). Selecting On allows camera memos to be used if a camera memo list file has been uploaded to the camera.
  10. New Matrix Barcode Type
    Aztec has been added to the matrix barcodes that can be se-lected for Barcode Type (page 90) in the camera memo menu.
  11. And more...

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