Panasonic DMC-L1K Digital Camera Firmware Update 1.1

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Date Added: November 25, 2009 / Release Date: November 25, 2009 / Publisher: Panasonic / File Size: 1.4 MB
OS: Mac OS/Windows


STEP 1: Check the current firmware version.
1. Mount the lens onto the camera body and then insert the SD memory card or the SDHC memory card.
2. Set the camera’s power switch to ON.
3. Press the playback button to set the camera to playback mode.
4. Press the button , while holding down the [FUNC.2] button.
The screen shows
DMC-L1: 1.1-----Camera body Firmware version
Lens:1.0------------Lens Firmware version
5. Set the power switch to OFF, after checking this.

STEP 2. Download the updated version of the firmware in these procedures, download the file and self-extract it. For Windows
1. Make a temporary folder on your PC for downloading the file,e.g. C:/Temp.
2. Download and save the firmware in the folder you made in the above step.
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L1V11.exe/1,461,822. Bytes
3. Double click the downloaded file. You may see a message after double-clicking the downloaded file. Please ignore it and click YES to proceed.
4. The self-extracted file L1V11.bin will appear. The file size should be 4,665,412 Bytes. If the file size is not the same, please download and double click the file again. The file size can be checked by right-clicking on the file and selecting properties.

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