Samsung NX300 Camera Firmware Upgrade Guide (i-Launcher)

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Note: Information

1) Use the full charged battery

2) Suggested memory card format before upgrade start

3) During the updating process: Do not cut off the power / Do not remove the battery Do not cut off the power / Do not remove the battery > It causes the cannot power-on or the severe damage

4) Finish upgrade: all menu will be reset

Firmware Upgrade method

1. You can connect the camera to your computer.

2. Opening "Samsung i-Launcher" > select "Firmware Upgrade" menu.

3. You can check precautions.

4. Firmware download start.

5. Once the transfer is complete, click the Close button.

6. Terminate the USB cable connection.

7. Turn the camera on.
Note: If you don't use i-Launcher but download Firmware from homepage directly unzip"zip" file & copyfirmware file to SD card

8. Select the MENU > Setting > Device Information

9. Select Firmware Update > Body Firmware Update

10. Update will start follow below sequence

  1. Firmware version checking. Press "Yes" Upgrade start.
  2. checking firmware file.
  3. Device will restart.
  4. after restart > updating start.
    Note: Do not cut off the power.
    Do not remove the battery.
  5. You can see the updating status > After finish updating(2/2) > Camera power-off & reboot.
    Note: upgrade is not finished.
  6. Finish upgrade > You can see "Firmware update completed" message.

    Note: If your camera stop or power off during upgrading > Please retry upgrade.