Nvidia Quadro/NVS/Tesla/GRID Desktop Driver 320.86 WHQL for Windows XP x86/x64

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Date Added: September 12, 2013 / Publisher:Nvidia / File Size: 151 MB
OS: Windows XP 32-bit, Windows XP 64-bit


Release Date: September 11, 2013.

New in Release 320.86:

  • ODE Driver
    • The R319 drivers are the fifth "Optimal Drivers for Enterprise", a release dedicated to relatively long term stability for ISV certification, OEMs, and Enterprise customers.
  • Workstation Features
    • NVIDIA Control Panel
      • Display Category - Set up Multiple Displays Page Lock Clone Region control - new control lets you specify a section of a "pan and scan clone" source display to be cloned and locked. Once locked, you cannot dynamically pan the area. Lock Clone Region is available only with NVIDIA Quadro 2000(D) and later products (including corresponding K-series). Unlike pan and scan clone mode, the Lock Clone Region feature is not supported on Quadro 600/K600 or NVS products.
      • Pan and Scan Clone were introduced in R300 drivers. It is similar to regular Clone mode except that the two displays are different resolutions. The display with the larger resolution is the source clone display. The display with the smaller resolution shows a cropped section of the cloned source display. Pan and Scan Clone is available only with NVIDIA Quadro 600 and later products (including corresponding K series), NVS 310 and later NVS products, and Windows 7 and later Windows operating systems.
    • NVIDIA Control Panel -> Workstation Category -> Set Up Mosaic Page --Control Display - You can now set up a control display that is separate from the Mosaic configuration
    • Multiple Mosaic Groups
      • Provides multiple Mosaic/Premium Mosaic topologies to be active on a single system. Configurable using the ConfigureMosaic tool.
      • GPUDirect for Video - improved GPUDirect for Video performance on Premium Mosaic configurations.
  • New NVIEW version - 140.75
  • NvWMI 2.12
    • NvWMI is a WMI-based interface for configuring enterprise systems.
    • Added support for Quadro Sync.
    • Added support for GPU Power Management --Added method to query the serial number of a board
  • NvAPI
    • Added APIs to configure sync delay (skew and start delay) in lines and pixels.
  • Workstation application compatibility fixes. Please read the release notes for more information on product support, feature limitations, driver fixes and known compatibility issues.

Existing Support:

  • Support for CUDA 5.5
  • Support for OpenGL 4.3
  • Support for the Open Computing Language (OpenCL) 1.1 in Quadro FX Series x700 and newer as well as the FX4600 and FX5600
  • Support for DirectX11

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