OCZ Toolbox for Vertex 4 SSD Firmware Update 1.5.1

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Date Added: August 21, 2013 / Release Date: January 24, 2013 / Publisher: OCZ / File Size: 57.2 MB
OS: Mac OS X, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8


For users with firmware v1.5, you currently have the latest available firmware update for your SSD. Firmware v1.5.1 is an update that is implemented at the manufacturing level and does not affect current users with v1.5. In terms of end-user experience, both firmware v1.5 and v1.5.1 offer identical performance for your particular drive.


  1. Improved sequential file transfer performance for 128GB, 256GB and 512GB models.
  2. Optimized idle garbage collection algorithms to extend the benefits of performance mode by enabling the feature across a greater percentage of the drive1.
  3. Improved HBA / RAID card compatibility.
  4. Further improved compatibility with desktop and mobile ATA security features.


  • Corrected a corner case issue where the "Remaining Life" SMART attribute could be reported incorrectly.

Note: After updating to v1.5.1, you cannot revert back to v1.4.1.3

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