Download Kingston MLW221 MobileLite Wireless Firmware Update v1.1.5.2

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To start downloading Kingston MLW221 MobileLite Wireless Firmware Update v1.1.5.2, please choose one of the links from the list below.

  1. Kingston MLW221 Firmware Update v1.1.5.2: mlwfw_v1.1.5.2.bin

Update Procedure:

  • Please make sure the MobileLite Wireless reader is fully charged before proceeding. If the device battery LED is a solid green, it is fully charged. If the LED is amber (orange/red), please charge the MobileLite Wireless reader until the LED is solid green.
  • The device (SD/USB) being used to update the MobileLite Wireless reader must be formatted with the file system FAT32.

Warning: Remove any device (USB/SD) not being used to update the firmware on the MobileLite Wireless reader. Kingston is not responsible for any data loss that may occur if a device is left in the reader during the update process. DO NOT power off the reader during the update process. DO NOT remove the SD/USB from the MLW during the update process. Doing so will damage the reader.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Kingston free technical support for assistance. Kingston Technical Support: (877) 546-4786.

  1. Insert your card or USB to the computer.
  2. Click on the Download Firmware Update link below to begin the download.
  3. If prompted for a "Save" location, navigate to the device chosen in step 1.
  4. Once the download is complete, extract the .ZIP file to the target location (same as the device chosen in step 1). This is an important step; please make sure the BIN file is saved/extracted to the root of the device (USB/SD) and NOT to a folder. If you donot see it right away when you go into the USB drive or card, it is not on the root. Simply find it in the USB drive or card and cut and paste it to the root.
  5. Once the file is saved to the USB or card, please "Safely Remove" the USB or card from the computer. In a Mac, drag the mounted device to the Trash. In Windows, use the Safe to Remove Hardware" option in the taskbar (bottom right corner in most cases).
  6. With the MobileLite turned off, insert the USB/Card into it.
  7. Power on the MobileLite device by holding the "Power On" button for more than 3 seconds.
  8. The MobileLite Wireless will initially turn on and broadcast a wireless signal. After a few seconds, it will reboot and the blue "bridged" LED will begin to flash.
  9. The update process will start automatically and should take approximately minutes to complete.
  10. Once the process is completed the blue "bridged" LED will stop flashing and the blue wireless LED will come back on.
  11. Once the blue wireless LED is on and the blue "bridged" LED has stopped flashing, please reset your MobileLite wireless reader. To reset, use a paper clip to hold down the reset button for 12 seconds. The reset button is to the right of the power button.

To make sure the firmware update was successful please connect your device to the MobileLite Wireless reader and open the MobileLite app settings to see the updated firmware version.

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