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Date Added: Mar 2009
Publisher: Intel

Publisher's description of Intel SASMF8I Entry RAID Controller

The eight-port Intel® RAID Controller SASMF8I provides a host-based RAID 0/1/5/10 solution for entry-level server and workstation environments with SAS or SATA hard drives. The Intel RAID Controller SASMF8I is unique in its ability to seamlessly migrate to a more full-featured mainstream and scalable Intel RAID controller in the future.

Features and benefits

Cost effective data protection: Provides a RAID solution (levels 0, 1, 5, and 10) for mid- to low-end server and workstation environments where high performance and reliable data protection are required.

SAS or SATA storage: Connects up to eight intermixed SAS or SATA devices within the same array. Use SAS drives for speed, reliability, and scalability; use high-capacity SATA drives for budget-friendly storage.

Easy upgrade to full-featured hardware RAID: Host-based RAID implementation with software designed to allow for migration to a full featured Intel RAID Controller without reconfiguration of RAID arrays.

Increased IT productivity: Includes a suite of tools that are common across all Intel® SAS/SATA RAID solutions, for easy installation and advanced management.

Product specifications

RAID levels and spans: RAID levels 0, 1, 5, and 10
Fault tolerant features
* Hot-Spare support
* Enclosure management
* S.M.A.R.T. support
* Auto resume during array rebuild
* RAID support before operating system loaded
Intel® RAID software
* Intel® RAID Web Console 2
* Intel® RAID Flash Utilities
I/O processor: LSISAS1068E
Drive types: SAS or SATA 3 GB/s
Maximum drives: Up to eight physical devices supported
Connectors: Two SFF8087 x4 SAS/SATA internal connectors
PCI interface: PCI Express* x4
Form factor: Low profile, MD2 (6.6" x 2.536")
Data transfer rates: Up to 3 GB/s per port
Operating temperature: Maximum ambient: 50°C
Operating voltage: +3.3 V

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