Sony VAIO Gate Software Update for Windows 8 64-bit

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Date Added: Jun 2013 / Publisher:Sony / File Size: 17.79 MB
OS: Windows 8 64-bit


This utility installs an updated version of the VAIO Gate Update software to add a new feature that will allow the user to adjust the VAIO Gate tab horizontally to the right and to improve the performance of the VAIO Gate application.

Applicable Models:
SVD11213CXB, SVD11215CXB, SVD11215CYB, SVD112190X, SVD1121BPXB, SVD11223CXB, SVD11223CXS, SVD11225CXB, SVD11225CXS, SVD11225PXB, SVD112290X, SVD1122APXB, SVE11125CXB, SVE11125CXW, SVE11135CXB, SVE11135CXW, SVE14122CXB, SVE14122CXP, SVE14122CXW, SVE14125CXB, SVE14125CXP, SVE14125CXW, SVE14126CXB, SVE14126CXP, SVE14126CXW, SVE141290X, SVE1412BCXB, SVE1412CCX/B, SVE1412CCXP, SVE1412CCXW, SVE1412DPX/B, SVE1412ECXB, SVE1412ECXP, SVE1412ECXW, SVE14132CXB, SVE14132CXP, SVE14132CXW, SVE14132PXB, SVE14135CXB, SVE14135CXP, SVE14135CXW, SVE14137CXB, SVE14138CXB, SVE14138CXW, SVE141390X, SVE1413APXB, SVE1413BCXB, SVE1413BCXP, SVE1413BCXW, SVE1413CCXP, SVE1413CCXW, SVE1413RCXB, SVE1413RCXP, SVE1413RCXW, SVE1413TCXB, SVE1413TCXP, SVE14A25CXH, SVE14A25CXS, SVE14A27CXH, SVE14A290X, SVE14A35CXH, SVE14A37CXH, SVE14A390X, SVE15122CXB, SVE15122CXP, SVE15122CXW, SVE15124CXP, SVE15124CXS, SVE15124CXW, SVE15125CXS, SVE15125CXW, SVE15126CXP, SVE15126CXS, SVE15126CXW, SVE15128CXS, SVE151290X, SVE1512GCXS, SVE1512GCXW, SVE1512HCXS, SVE1512JCXW, SVE1512KCXS, SVE1512MPXS, SVE1512NCXB, SVE15132CXB, SVE15132CXP, SVE15132CXW, SVE15134CXP, SVE15134CXS, SVE15134CXW, SVE15135CXP, SVE15135CXS, SVE15135CXW, SVE15137CXS, SVE15137CXW, SVE15138CXS, SVE15138CXW, SVE151390X, SVE1513APXS, SVE1513BCXS, SVE1513HCXS, SVE1513JCXW, SVE1513KCXS, SVE1513MCXB, SVE1513MCXS, SVE1513MCXW, SVE1513MPXS, SVE1513RCXB, SVE1513RCXS, SVE1513RCXW, SVE1513TCXW, SVE17122CXB, SVE17125CXB, SVE17127CXB, SVE171290X, SVE1712ACXB, SVE1712BCXB, SVE17132CXB, SVE17135CXB, SVE17137CXB, SVE171390X, SVE1713ACXB, SVE1713ACXBC, SVE1713BPXB, SVE1713CCXB, SVE1713DCXB, SVE1713ECXB, SVJ20213CXW, SVJ20215CXB, SVJ20215CXW, SVJ20217CXW, SVJ202190X, SVJ2021BPXW, SVL24125CXB, SVL24125CXW, SVL24127CXB, SVL241290X, SVS13122CXB, SVS13122CXP, SVS13122CXR, SVS13122CXS, SVS13122CXW, SVS13125CXB, SVS13127PXB, SVS131290X, SVS1312ACXP, SVS1312ACXW, SVS1313ZDZB, SVS13A25PXB, SVS13A290X, SVS13A2APXB, SVS13A2APXS, SVS13A390X, SVS15123CXB, SVS15123CXS, SVS15125CXB, SVS15125CXW, SVS15127PXB, SVS151290X, SVS1512ACXS, SVS1512DCXB, SVS1512EPXB, SVS1512GPXB, SVT13122CXS, SVT13124CXS, SVT13125CXS, SVT13126CXS, SVT13127CXS, SVT13128CXS, SVT131290X, SVT1312BPXS, SVT13132CXS, SVT13132PXS, SVT13134CXS, SVT13135CXS, SVT13136CXS, SVT13136CYS, SVT13137CXS, SVT13138CXS, SVT131390X, SVT1313ACXS, SVT14112CXS, SVT14113CXS, SVT14115CXS, SVT14117CXS, SVT141190X, SVT1411BPXS, SVT14122CXS, SVT14122PXS, SVT14124CXS, SVT14125CXS, SVT14126CXS, SVT14127CXS, SVT141290X, SVT1412ACXS, SVT15112CXS, SVT15114CXS, SVT15114CYS, SVT15115CXS, SVT15117CXS, SVT151190X, SVT1511ACXS

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