Sony SVD11/SVE11/SVE14/SVE15/SVE17 Series Laptop VAIO Care (Rescue Mode) Update Program for Windows 8 64-bit

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Date Added: July 17, 2013 / Publisher:Sony / File Size: 1.38 MB
OS: Windows 8 64-bit


Release Date: .

Release Date: February 27, 2013.

This utility installs an updated version of the VAIO Care (Rescue Mode) Update software to resolve an issue where the "Automatic Restore Point" feature is not enabled by default.

Applicable Models:

SVD11215CXB, SVD11215CYB, SVD112190X, SVD1121BPXB, SVD11225CXB, SVD11225CXS, SVD11225CYB, SVD11225PXB, SVD112290X, SVD1122APXB, SVE11125CXB, SVE11125CXW, SVE11135CXB, SVE11135CXW, SVE14122CXB, SVE14122CXP, SVE14122CXW, SVE14125CXB, SVE14125CXP, SVE14125CXW, SVE14126CXB, SVE14126CXP, SVE14126CXW, SVE141290X, SVE1412BCXB, SVE1412CCX/B, SVE1412CCXP, SVE1412CCXW, SVE1412DPX/B, SVE1412ECXB, SVE1412ECXP, SVE1412ECXW, SVE14132CXB, SVE14132CXP, SVE14132CXW, SVE14132PXB, SVE14135CXB, SVE14135CXP, SVE14135CXW, SVE14137CXB, SVE14138CXB, SVE14138CXW, SVE141390X, SVE1413APXB, SVE1413BCXB, SVE1413BCXP, SVE1413BCXW, SVE1413CCXP, SVE1413CCXW, SVE1413RCXB, SVE1413RCXP, SVE1413RCXW, SVE1413TCXB, SVE1413TCXP, SVE14A25CXH, SVE14A25CXS, SVE14A27CXH, SVE14A290X, SVE14A35CXH, SVE14A37CXH, SVE14A390X, SVE15122CXB, SVE15122CXP, SVE15122CXW, SVE15124CXP, SVE15124CXS, SVE15124CXW, SVE15125CXS, SVE15125CXW, SVE15126CXP, SVE15126CXS, SVE15126CXW, SVE15128CXS, SVE151290X, SVE1512GCXS, SVE1512GCXW, SVE1512HCXS, SVE1512JCXW, SVE1512KCXS, SVE1512MPXS, SVE1512NCXB, SVE15132CXB, SVE15132CXP, SVE15132CXW, SVE15134CXP, SVE15134CXS, SVE15134CXW, SVE15135CXP, SVE15135CXS, SVE15135CXW, SVE15137CXS, SVE15137CXW, SVE15138CXS, SVE15138CXW, SVE151390X, SVE1513APXS, SVE1513BCXS, SVE1513HCXS, SVE1513JCXW, SVE1513KCXS, SVE1513MCXB, SVE1513MCXS, SVE1513MCXW, SVE1513MPXS, SVE1513RCXB, SVE1513RCXS, SVE1513RCXW, SVE1513TCXW, SVE17122CXB, SVE17125CXB, SVE17127CXB, SVE171290X, SVE1712ACXB, SVE1712BCXB, SVE17132CXB, SVE17135CXB, SVE17137CXB, SVE171390X, SVE1713ACXB, SVE1713ACXBC, SVE1713BPXB, SVE1713CCXB, SVE1713DCXB, SVE1713ECXB, SVJ20213CXW, SVJ20214CYB, SVJ20215CXB, SVJ20215CXW, SVJ20217CXW, SVJ202190X, SVJ2021BPXW, SVL24125CXB, SVL24125CXW, SVL24127CXB, SVL241290X, SVS13122CXB, SVS13122CXP, SVS13122CXR, SVS13122CXS, SVS13122CXW, SVS13125CXB, SVS13127PXB, SVS131290X, SVS1312ACXP, SVS1312ACXW, SVS1313AGXB, SVS1313BGXB, SVS1313ZDZB, SVS13A25PXB, SVS13A290X, SVS13A2APXB, SVS13A2APXS, SVS15123CXB, SVS15123CXS, SVS15125CXB, SVS15125CXW, SVS15127PXB, SVS151290X, SVS1512ACXS, SVS1512DCXB, SVS1512EPXB, SVS1512GPXB, SVS1513AGXB, SVS1513BGXB, SVT13128CXS, SVT13128CYS, SVT131290X, SVT13138CXS, SVT131390X, SVT141190X, SVT141290X, SVT151190X, SVT1511ACXS

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