Lenovo Dependency Package for Windows 8 x86/x64

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Date Added: August 18, 2013 / Publisher:Lenovo / File Size: 15.23 MB
OS: Windows 8 32-bit, Windows 8 64-bit


Release Date: August 11, 2013.

This package installs the Lenovo Dependency Package.

If this package has previously been installed, then overinstalling this package will fix problems, add new functions, or expand functions as noted below.


  • Important updates
    Windows Error Reporting fixes

  • New functions or enhancements
    Applist plug-in to support Lenovo Companion 1.3 and later
    Video player to support Lenovo Companion 1.3 and later
    Automatic updates for all features in the Dependency Package

  • Problems fixed
    Fixed locale information

Support models

  • Lenovo B475e, B480, B485, B490, B575e, B580, B590
  • Lenovo E 49, K 29, K 49
  • Lenovo V480/480c, V480s, V490u, V580/580c
  • ThinkPad Edge E40, E50, E120, E125, E130, E135, E220s, E320, E325, E330, E335, E420, E420s, E425, E520, E525
  • ThinkPad Edge S430
  • ThinkPad Edge 14", 15"
  • ThinkPad L330, L412, L420, L421, L430, L512, L520, L530
  • ThinkPad S430
  • ThinkPad T410, T410i, T410s, T410si, T420, T420i, T420s, T420si, T430, T430i, T430s, T430si, T430u, T431s
  • ThinkPad T510, T510i, T520, T520i, T530, T530i
  • ThinkPad Tablet 2
  • ThinkPad Twist, Twist S230u
  • ThinkPad W510, W520, W530
  • ThinkPad X1, X1 Carbon, X1 Hybrid
  • ThinkPad X100e, X120e, X121e, X130e, X131e
  • ThinkPad X201, X201i, X201s, X201si, X201 Tablet, X201i Tablet, X220, X220i, X220 Tablet, X220i Tablet, X230, X230i, X230 Tablet, X230i Tablet

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