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Asus P3C-L Motherboard Modem Riser Driver for Windows 2000

License: Freeware
Date Added: Mar 2008
Operating Systems: Windows 2000
File Size: 1.97 KB
Publisher: Asus

Publisher's description of Asus P3C-L Motherboard Modem Riser Driver for Windows 2000

Installing Modem Software on Windows 2000

(Note: The Windows Install Wizard may vary slightly with different versions of the OS and different service packs)

On starting Windows for the first time after installing the SM56 AC-L modem, the Plug and Play (PnP) sub-system detects the new hardware and begins an install wizard for the modem. The SM56 AC-L modem is detected as a new PCI Device. The wizard fist looks for the modem information (INF) file, which is included on Motorola's distribution disk or CD-ROM. Select CD-ROM:\Modem\Win2000 and browse to the SM56 AC-L modem INF file (called SM56ACL.INF). Windows will find the information on the disk. On Windows 95 and older versions of Windows 2000 you may get an error message Cannot Locate File...... If you do, simply repoint the install wizard to the CD-ROM:\Modem\Win2000 and it will find the file the second time around.

Windows copies the necessary SM56 AC-L files to the computer. After modem installation is complete, Windows reports the SM56 AC-L modem in the Control Panel and Device Manager.

For D/F/TAM and D/F/TAM/Speakerphone modems, Windows finds a second device after the modem has been installed. Windows notifies you that it has found a Serial Wave Device for the modem and prompts for a Wave Device driver. Re-point to the CD-ROM:\Modem\Win2000 and click OK. It finds the INF file and installs the appropriate drivers.

The SM56 AC-L also installs a helper utility on the Windows System Tray (right side of the Task Bar). This application includes real time modem status (dialing, negotiating, connect rate, etc.), in addition to user selection for COM port, country and language, and enable/disable Windows 9x DOS box support. There is also an audio test included, which allows you to verify if your sound subsystem supports Direct X 3.0 (or later) -- needed to hear call progress (dialing and negotiation).

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