TRENDnet TW100-BRV304 v2 Router Firmware Update 1.0.14

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Date Added: March 02, 2014 / Release Date: April 27, 2012 / Publisher:TRENDnet / File Size: 1.06 MB
OS: Mac OS, Windows, Linux


This firmware is for TW100-BRV304 Version 2. To check the version number, please look for the serial number sticker on the bottom of the unit, the version number (ver.) is printed on the sticker.

Release note:

  1. Fixed bug: Router prompts "error: invalid peer address, maybe there has been a policy with the same peer address.", after modifying "VPN policy" a few times.
  2. Fixed "firewall blocks ECN packets".
  3. Added PPTP domain name.
  4. Added router current uptime and current connection uptime.
  5. Added "PPTP connection" method for "Cable Modem" mode.
  6. Added L2TP "Domain Name" field.
  7. Added L2TP connection log.
  8. Increased L2TP performance.
  9. Fixed "Router freezes when running "EDonkey" or other P2P applications.
  10. Fixed "cannot ping/ftp L2TP server’s IP" when using L2TP connection method.
  11. Fixed "cannot upload VPN self certificate".

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