Download TRENDnet TW100-BRF214 v1.0R Router Firmware Update 1.00.04

To start downloading TRENDnet TW100-BRF214 v1.0R Router Firmware Update 1.00.04, please choose one of the links from the list below.

  1. TW100-BRF214 v1.0R Firmware Update 1.00.04: fw_tw100-brf214_v1(1.00.04).zip

Firmware Upgrade Procedure

  1. Download the FW_TW100-BRF214_v1(1.00.04).zip firmware file unzip the contents to your PC.
  2. Go to router's configuration page (default IP is HU192.168.10.1UH)
  3. Click on the Advanced Setup.
  4. Under System in the left hand pa nel, click on Firmware Upgrade.
  5. Click Browse and select the unzipped firmware file ( .img).
  6. Once you have selected firmware file, click the Apply button. If prompted again to confirm the firmware upgrade, click OK.
  7. Wait until the firmware upload c ompleted and the device reboot.

Important! Do not turn off the device or press the reset button while this procedure is in progress.

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