Netgear WNCE3001 Wireless Adapter Firmware Upgrade

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Date Added: Jun 2013 / Publisher:Netgear / File Size: 1.5 MB
OS: Mac OS X, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


Release Date: 03/29/2012

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Got WiFi certificate.
  • Support DFS channels.
  • Add Russia region and operates in channel 46, 40, 44 and 48 and meets Russian regulation Tx power.
  • Fixed Hard to connect to WNDR4000 or WNDR3400 if the 5GHz radio is set to channel 36.
  • Fixed Can not use WPS PBC to connect to WNDR3400v2 or WNDR4000 or WNDR4500 with WEP security

Known Issues & Bugs:

  • Internal DHCP server strings are not translated to other languages.
  • Can not use Google Chrome version 16.0.912.77m to use WPS feature in web GUI.
    [Workaround] Please use hardware push button or use other browser if you want to use web GUI to run WPS.

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