Netgear UTM5/UTM10/UTM25/UTM50/UTM150/UTM9S/UTM25S Firewalls Firmware Upgrade 3.5.0-60

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Date Added: July 27, 2013 / Publisher:Netgear / File Size: 161 MB
OS: Windows


Release Date: July 15, 2013.

New Features:

  1. Added Safe search enforcement for Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines.
  2. Report section has been reworked and now allows for more granular filtering as well as custom report email profiles. Added report templates to display User session time and User session number.
  3. IP groups and VLANs can now be used in Exceptions rules for application security.
  4. The number of Anti-virus signatures is now displayed on the GUI on the Monitoring -> System Status page.
  5. Added New firmware alerts to the UTM. When enabled, admin users will be notified of new firmware in the GUI and email. The email will include release notes for the new firmware.
  6. New firmware for the UTM will now be encrypted.
    Note: If a user wants to upgrade to a version later than V3.5.0-60 by off-line upgrade, user needs to upgrade to V3.5.0-60 first due to encrypted firmware support.
  7. Hardware watchdog control now available through the GUI.
  8. QoS enhancement adds more granular control.
  9. ReadyNAS Integration now works over an IPSec VPN connection

Issues resolved since last Release:

  • Fixed the issue where the UTM150 would kernel panic in certain situations.
  • Fixed the issue where the UTM9S CPU usage was remained at 100%.
  • Fixed the issue where Dynamic DNS does not work on a 3G/4G USB dongle WAN connection.
  • Fixed the issue where packet information for the SLOT device kept increasing even when the SLOT connection was not up when using a MIB browser to monitor.
  • Fixed the issue where downloads over 10MB over FTP will be abnormal if it goes through the native Windows IPSec VPN client.
  • Fixed issue when adding a new Active Directory Domain, the domain will be lost after reboot in certain situations.
  • Fixed issue where all secondary IP addresses will be gone if the first entered secondary IP address is deleted.
  • Fixed the issue when the same MAC address has changed IP addresses, the DHCP information cannot sync immediately on the DHCP Lease page.

Known Issues and Limitations:

  • The QoS enhancement found in this release is not supported on the 3G/4G and DSL interface yet.
  • The QoS enhancement does not work when using priority control.
  • On Load Balancing Mode, in an environment where IPSec + IPS + application security are all used, the user needs to set Failure Detection Method to none.
  • Change of traffic meter rule does not take effect due to the reset button not working. The user needs to add a new firewall rule to replace the original one to take effect.
  • Traffic Meter statistics will show all 0’s after editing the traffic meter if this traffic meter profile is applied to application control.
  • Network traffic statistics sometimes provide the wrong value.
  • Bandwidth limiting will not work if QoS is also applied to the same firewall policy.
  • Invalid MTU values (such as values too small for the network to work) on the WAN interface are still allowed in the GUI.
  • Not able to hear voice after call is established from dmz to lan with server on wan side and dmz side.


When installing SSLvpn, if there is a failure, a cache clean-up of the SSL-VPN adaptor is necessary. Use one of the following URLs to initiate the cleanup:

  • For 32-bit PCs, select the following url:
    Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. IP>/scgi-bin/users_portal/removeactivex?launch=true&is32bit=true
  • For 64-bit PCs, select the following url:
    Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.<device IP>/scgi-bin/users_portal/removeactivex?launch=true&is32bit=false

To Install

Firmware upgrade from update server:

  • Installed firmware versions older than 1.3.7:
    If your firmware is older than 1.3.7 (<1.3.7) it cannot be updated directly to firmware newer than 1.3.7. Only firmware images older than 1.3.7 will be displayed when you query the update server (Application=>System Update=>Firmware). To upgrade to firmware newer than 1.3.7 you must first upgrade your system to 1.3.7. You can then perform the firmware update query again to display the newer firmware images (Application=>System Update=>Firmware).
  • Installed firmware versions 1.3.7 and above:
    If your firmware is version 1.3.7 or above, when you query the update server all firmware versions will be displayed.

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