Netgear SRX5308 Firewall Firmware Upgrade 4.3.0-19

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Date Added: July 27, 2013 / Publisher:Netgear / File Size: 27.4 MB
OS: Windows


Release Date: April 20, 2013.

Backward Compatibility Issues:

  • Upgrade from 3.x.x firmware or earlier will require a factory reset operation.

New Features and Enhancements:

  1. SNMP support from WAN.
  2. SNMP trap implementation for NMS support.
  3. Auto-failover support for IPv6.
  4. IPv6 NMS support.
  5. Support Windows 8 SSL VPN tunnel and windows 8 32-bit port forwarding.

Issue(s) resolved since last release v4.2.1-2:

  1. Can not record LAN-WAN inbound firewall logs.
  2. WAN to LAN Drop log is not record.
  3. MIB Browser walk "netgearVPN" notes timeout.
  4. After rebooting DUT, secondary WAN is up.
  5. There are no SNMP trap log received when configure "VPN->Certificates".
  6. The SNMP trap log error when establish IPv4 SSL VPN tunnel.
  7. There are no SNMP trap received when establish/disactive IPv4 SSL VPN Port Forwarding tunnel.
  8. After unplugging and plugging primary WAN port network cable, Auto rollover function cannot work normally.
  9. IGMP-pass through in Load Balancing mode.
  10. Experiencing packet loss.
  11. IPv6 DMZ cannot enable when IPv4 DMZ is disable.
  12. Syslog full with Error: [Kernel 2] messages.
  13. After reboot ipv6 wan is not getting up, when the ipv4 wan is down.
  14. IPv6 WAN2, WAN3, WAN4 stateful IP is not getting flush after changing DHCPv6 server mode to stateless from stateful.
  15. "Block UDP Flood" option is in enabled state by default.
  16. When VPN Pass through is disable, IPv6 IPsec VPN also can establish.

Known Issues and limitations:

  1. IGMP snooping functionality is not working.
  2. Bandwidth functionality is not working over VPN GW-GW tunnel.
  3. Device accepting the ports opened in UPnP port map table as remote management customer port.
  4. Updated dyndns domain name is not reflecting in the ike policies.
  5. Able to run Port triggering inbound traffic with the open port from any WAN hosts.
  6. Send email logs for schedule is not working for hourly ,daily, monthly policies.
  7. Unable to send the logs over vpn tunnel.
  8. [IPv6] Auto rollover is not working when IPv6 WAN is configured for PPPoE over IPv6 ISP.
  9. SNMP TRAPS not coming when ssl port forwarding tunnel is established.
  10. NFS service support: Only support NFS v4 "mount" command, do not support NFS v2, v3 and "showmount" command.

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