Netgear R7500 WiFi Router Firmware Upgrade

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Date Added: December 13, 2014 / Release Date: December 07, 2014 / Publisher: Netgear / File Size: 22.3 MB
OS: Mac OS, Windows


Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

  • Supports QoS function that user can edit the device type and priority.
  • Improves the NTFS write speed over the USB from 40 Mbytes/sec to 60 Mbytes/sec.
  • Added "Traditional Chinese" in language support for GUI.
  • Supports CE DFS channel.
  • Improved 5G stability and performance
  • Improves the 2.4G auto channel selection function
  • Fixed the issue with loading network map and iPad detection with NETGEAR Genie.
  • Fixed the GUI issue that gets wrong 5GHz link rate information when R7500 is setup as wireless bridge.
  • Fixes the GUI issue in which the user sees an invalid DLNA task message on the web GUI page when they apply the Media Server settings.
  • Fixed the GUI issue in AP mode, user still can click the "Wireless Bridge" menu item even though it is grayed-out.
  • Fixed the GUI issue, When R7500 is in wireless bridge mode, the ACL function should be grayed-out.

Known issues and bugs and Limitation:

  • With regards to Apple’s Time Machine backup function, Nighthawk X4 R7500 Router only supports NTFS, EXT4, EXT3, EXT2, HFS+ in Journal, HFS+ in non-journal file system. R7500 does not support FAT16, FAT32 file format for Apple Time machine backup at the moment.
  • R7500 support maximum backup file size up to 500GByte now.

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