Netgear FVS318N Firewall Firmware Upgrade 4.3.0-19

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Date Added: July 27, 2013 / Publisher:Netgear / File Size: 27.9 MB
OS: Windows


Release Date: April 21, 2013.

New features:

  1. SNMP support from WAN.
  2. SNMP trap implementation for NMS support.
  3. IPv6 NMS support.
  4. Support Windows 8 SSL VPN tunnel and windows 8 32-bit port forwarding.

Issues are resolved since last release V4.2.1-2:

  1. MIB Browser walk "netgearVPN" notes timeout.
  2. There are no SNMP trap log received when configure "VPN->Certificates".
  3. The SNMP trap log error when establish IPv4 SSL VPN tunnel.
  4. There are no SNMP trap received when establish/disactive IPv4 SSL VPN Port Forwarding tunnel.
  5. IPSec VPN does not have uptime.
  6. Nothing can be queried in "nnetRadvdConfig" even the RADVD of LAN/DMZ is all enabled.
  7. "Block UDP Flood" option is in enabled state by default.
  8. When VPN Pass through is disable,IPv6 IPsec VPN also can establish.

Known Issues:

  1. IGMP Proxy behind NAT is not supported.
  2. Device is accepting max 15 bandwidth profiles, below the expected max of 32.
  3. XAUTH (CHAP) VPN client tunnel with greenbow clients is not establishing.
  4. Unable to ping through VPN tunnel in Diagnostics page with VLAN subnet as traffic selector.
  5. IPV6 Traceroute displays a blank page when trying with domain name.
  6. DHCP relay functionality is not working across Vlan’s until unless once WAN got up.
  7. SNMP TRAPS not coming when ssl port forwarding tunnel is established.
  8. To be release noted on the nfs version support.(Only support NFS v4 mount command. not support NFS v2 and v3, not support "showmount" command).
  9. System log contains some weird character.

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