Netgear FVS318G Firewall Firmware Upgrade 3.1.1-08

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Date Added: July 27, 2013 / Publisher:Netgear / File Size: 6.3 MB
OS: Windows


Release Date: April 21, 2013.

Issues are resolved since last Release v3.0.8-12:

  1. Stale Conntrack Entry is created while we trying to connect L2tp client from LAN side when device WAN in down state.
  2. Need options to set TCP and UDP Flood limits.
  3. Respond to ping on WAN interface for ANY IP and a single IP Address.
  4. Idle timeout field is NOT needed for IPSec users.
  5. Cannot add a ipsec user with space.
  6. Fail to add ipsec local user which name with space.
  7. After adding Secondary LAN IP , IP Address and Subnet mask are not blank.
  8. Select all day, schedule 1,2,3 are not same about that specific day still be selected.
  9. List below ports in GUI help Security - Service page.
  10. After changing gateway vpn to client vpn, the tunnel cannot be up.
  11. IPSec policy lose when remote id is after DUT reboot.
  12. No ipsec tunnel uptime in online help document.
  13. Increase this month limit can not disable.
  14. Support link is not expect web.
  15. The reboot time unmatch between popup message and the reboot page.
  16. If DUT has a user is the same to External Authentication server user,ssl vpn authenticate failed with the External Authentication server user.
  17. Add an Outbound policy, using " LAN Users" and " WAN Users" failed.
  18. Bandwidth profile displaying abnormally when edit outbound bandwidth profiles to inbound.
  19. Redundance message in ipsec mode config record.
  20. VPN wizard online help does not match the function.
  21. Specific days still can be configurated when we configurate this schedule to be active on all days in schedule days.
  22. Specific times during the day still can be configurated when we configurate this schedule to be active on all day in schedule time of day.
  23. No IPSec tunnel uptime in online help document.
  24. Identifier cannot input 131 characters.
  25. Cannot Creating firewall rules for TCP Port 113 (ident).
  26. Device freeze once or twice a week.
  27. NFS service does not work in firewall rules.
  28. GUI is accepting only 127 characters in Local and remote identifiers in ike policy page.

Known Issue(s) and Limitations:

  1. Inbound voices are not heard between sip clients over vpn tunnel when sip server is lying in the remote private network.
  2. SIP clients at other end of tunnel are unable to register through VPN tunnel when SIP server is in LAN side of DUT.
  3. SSL VPN logs page not showing logs when ssl and port forwarding users disconnected.
  4. Unable to do ftp data tranfer when ssl client is behind nat router in port forwarding tunnel.
  5. Unable to edit the ipsec vpn user while in use.
  6. Bandwidth profile is not working over vpn tunnel.
  7. When a Firewall rule for Address Range is edited and Block always is selected the "WAN Destination IP address" is grayed out.
  8. IGMP information need to be updated in attack check help page.
  9. PPTP idle time out is not working when IGMP proxy enabled.
  10. Inconsistant behavior while establishing calls between LAN and WAN and vice-versa with IGMP Pass through enabled.

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