Netgear DGN2200v4 Modem Router Firmware Upgrade

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Date Added: August 28, 2014 / Release Date: August 25, 2014 / Publisher: Netgear / File Size: 13.3 MB
OS: Mac OS, Windows, Linux


Changes and Enhancements

  • Adds WPA2-enterprise 802.1x.
  • Uses a new quick scan table.
  • Fixes auto reboot when the Internet settings are applied.
  • Disables the UPnP function by default.
  • Removes the WDS repeater function from the GUI.
  • Improves the auto scan algorithm to reduce the auto detection time.

Bug Fixes:

  • The connection is blocked once traffic meter limit is reached. Disabling TM through NETGEAR Genie will not re-open the connection.
  • The PPPoE MTU default is wrong.
  • QoS does not work.
  • [Port forwarding] The Move feature cannot detect an invalid value.
  • [Access control] The Cancel button on the "Add Allowed Device" page does not work.
  • The outbound rule cannot display after adding a port forwarding with the same port.
  • The Router LAN IP can be set with a Block site trust IP, which is wrong.
  • The security option "WPA-PSK[TKIP]+WPA2-PSK[AES]" cannot be set successfully if genie is accessed from an iPad.
  • DMZ server can be set as

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