Linksys WUMC710 Wireless Media Connector Firmware Upgrade 1.0.01

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Date Added: August 02, 2013 / Publisher:Linksys / File Size: 3.80 MB
OS: Windows, Mac OS, Linux


Release date: June 3, 2013.

New features and fixes:

  1. Beamforming support.
  2. mDNS/Bonjour and NetBIOS support.
  3. Automatic language detection support.
  4. Added "Bit Rate" and "Signal" fields in "Wireless Network" status page.
  5. Minor GUI change.

When the firmware is being upgraded from 1.0.00 to higher version, during the upgrade process, WUMC710 may not automatically reboot. Therefore, if the WUMC710 still has not rebooted 3 minutes **after** the upgrade progress bar has reached 100%, the user will need to manually reboot the WUMC710 to complete the upgrade process. However, please do NOT interrupt the firmware upgrade process and do NOT reboot the device before the progress bar has reached 100%.

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