Linksys EA8500 Wi-Fi Router Firmware Update 1.1.4 Build 168206

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Date Added: October 19, 2015 / Release Date: August 12, 2015 / Publisher: Linksys / File Size: 21.6 MB
OS: Mac OS, Windows, Linux


IMPORTANT: DO NOT power down the router during the firmware upgrade process.

Release log:

  • Resolved issue of periodic router reboot in some environments.
  • Further improved system and wireless stability.
  • Added "Wireless-AC only" mode.
  • Addressed issue of power LED being turned off when user disables activity lights via GUI.
  • Addressed issue of unsupported partition appears in GUI for disk drive with GPT partition table (MacOS 10.6.8, disk utility 11.5.2).
  • Addressed issue of wireless bridge/repeater mode not being able to connect to upstream AP that is using WPA2/WPA-mixed wireless security.
  • Addressed issue of being slow to establish WAN connection following factory reset.

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