Linksys E1200 v2 Wi-Fi Router Firmware Upgrade 2.0.05

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Date Added: August 02, 2013 / Publisher:Linksys / File Size: 6.72 MB
OS: Windows, Mac OS, Linux


Release date: April 16, 2013.

Note: This firmware is only compatible with hardware version 2 (v2) and 2.2 (v2.2), but not with hardware version 1 (v1).

New features and fixes:

  • Enhanced WAN-to-LAN performance when Internet connection type is set to PPPoE.

Firmware 2.0.04 (build 1)

  1. Resolved issue with decrease in download speed when WMM is enabled.
  2. Resolved issue with decrease in upload speed when QoS is enabled.
  3. Increase throughput performance when parental control is not enabled.
  4. Resolved issue with incorrectly handle RTSP under certain circumstances.
  5. Resolved PPPoE connection issue with a few ISPs.

Firmware 2.0.03 (build 10)

  1. Added dual-stack lite (DS-lite) support.
  2. Allow native IPv6 and 6rd support to be enabled simultaneously.
  3. Implemented Wi-Fi Protected Setup lock-down mechanism to prevent brute force attack.
  4. Resolved issue with not being able to access the browser-based GUI via HTTPS when newer versions of Internet Explorer or Firefox is used.
  5. Added Danish support in the browser-based GUI.

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