D-Link DAP-2553 Wireless Access Point Firmware Update 1.30

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Date Added: January 15, 2014 / Release Date: November 22, 2013 / Publisher:D-Link / File Size: 4.9 MB
OS: Mac OS, Windows, Linux


Problems Fixed:

  • Fix no 2013 selection issue on Web/Time and Date.
  • Improve the design of ifindex table in MIB1213.
  • Fix IOT issue with BCM43xx.
  • Fix disconnect issue when transfer big size file.
  • Fix AP Array abnormal exit and suspending.
  • Fix wireless schedule rule failed.
  • Fix the information for STA’s Power Saving status.
  • Fix the large ping response time between 2 wireless clients.
  • Fix [SNMP] SSID shows incorrectly client info when connect with MSSID.
  • Fix memory leak issue when the ARP packets which generate from the device.
  • Fix when wireless band is 5Ghz,console information show error.
  • Fix Current IP Mapping List static pool show error.
  • Fix Time and Date the max year can be set should be 2037.
  • Fix Schedule can add more than two schedule rules for same SSID in Schedule Rule List.
  • Fix XML config -> get xmlconfig on CLI, the web page show wrong information.
  • Fix bug of [Short GI] : When security is WEP or TKIP, short GI should be disable and gray.
  • Fix bug of [AP Array] : When modify master ap some cfg, save and active, sometimes backup master ap will syn the cfg all the time.
  • Fix bug of [Email]: IP address and mac address show error in Email.
  • Fix bug of [Periodical key change]: restart device will Initiate Wireless for twice.
  • Fix bug of [Wireless]: RSADIUS secret’s length should be 1~ 64.
  • Fix bug of Input "" with AP not login, it display the username and password also, it should not display this message with AP not login 22.
  • Fix Web security issue.
  • Fix APC reboot issue in endurance test.
  • Improve the connection endurance in long time test.
  • Fix when running the BT endurance fail, AP will reboot when run after12~15 hours.
  • Fix client AP can not use TKIP to connect root AP.
  • Fix E-mail Server should support Domain in E-mail setting.

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