Intel DQ87PG Desktop Board BIOS Update 0035

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Date Added: July 28, 2013 / Publisher:Intel / File Size: 15.44 MB
OS: OS Independent, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 32-bit, Windows 8 64-bit


BIOS Version 0035 - PGQ8710H.86A.0035.2013.0606.1800 Released

About This Release:

  • Date: June 6, 2013
  • Visual BIOS: 2.0.23 Production Candidate Build
  • ME Firmware:
  • Integrated Graphics Option ROM: Build 2170 PC 14.34, UEFI Driver: 5.0.1025
  • LAN Option ROM: v1403 PXE 2.1 Build 091, UEFI Driver: 5.1.00
  • SATA RAID Option ROM: v12.0.0.1783
  • MEBx Code: Based on Version

New Fixes and Features:

  • Fixed issue where custom logo is not kept after BIOS recovery.
  • Fixed issue where logo will not display during Recovery.
  • Fixed issue where if Hard Drive Password Prompt is disabled, BIOS will never prompt for a Hard Drive password unless attempting to boot to a drive with a User Hard Drive Password installed.
  • Added BIOS Recovery beep support.
  • Fixed issue where boot priority in UEFI mode is changed after rebooting from the operating system.
  • Added support to use ITK Custom Boot Order as the Default Boot Order.
  • Fixed BIOS Config Menu display strings when secure jumper is removed.
  • Fixed the F3 Disable Fast boot function when the Power Button menu is displayed.
  • Fixed the unsupported password key character warning beep.
  • Updated Visual BIOS to version 2.0.23 .
  • Updated processor support.
  • Fixed issue where Cooling Assistant does not work in Visual BIOS.
  • Fixed issue with screen capture in Visual BIOS.
  • Fixed issue where there is no illustration for the back panel.
  • Fixed issue where some items display abnormally in ITK 5.0.
  • Fixed SMBIOS DIMM information.
  • Changed Setup item string [C6/C7 C-state] to [Lowest CPU Idle Power Setting].
  • Added XTU improvement.
  • Fixed issue where IGD Primary Video output shows incorrectly under UEFI only mode.
  • Fixed IGD Minimum Memory issue.
  • Fixed issue with Internal UEFI Shell.
  • Fixed issue where HDD Passwords are still required when setting disabling Hard Disk Drive Password Prompt.
  • Modified PCH deep S4/S5.
  • Fixed issue where LEDs have the different state as when the platform is in S3.
  • Fixed issue where the SATA Ports location shown in "SATA Devices" does not match the board.
  • Added Ctrl+P display and setup item.
  • Changed the default value of POST Code Routing item to LPC Debug Header.
  • Fixed issue where switching to text BIOS setup does not work with SOL.
  • Fixed issue where PCI LAN card can not wake system from S3, S4.
  • Fixed issue where PCI modem can not wake system from S3.
  • Implemented C6/C7 C-state support.
  • Added support for PCH deep S4/S5.
  • Fixed issue with Active Processor Cores.
  • Fixed issue with HDD password length.

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