Intel DH57DD DH57JG Motherboard BIOS Update 0537

Date Added: Jul 2010 / OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 / File Size: KB / Publisher: Intel


About This Release:
- May 18, 2010
- ME Firmware:
- Integrated Graphics Option ROM: 2009
- SATA RAID Option ROM: v8.9.0.1023
- LAN Option ROM: Intel(R) Boot Agent GE v1.3.38 PXE-2.1 build 087

New Fixes/Features:
- Corrected BIOS handling for ME PCR and Non PCR request.
- Updated QST configuration file.
- Added OEM ID check when updating BIOS with F7.
- Updated ME FW to
- Updated AHCI option to fix operating system installation issue with some hard disks.
- Updated PCH BIOS specification 1.05.
- Fixed issue where the system boots slowly or appears to hang loading the operating system with 8GB of memory installed.
- Added clear screen at appropriate place during POST.
- Improved BIOS boot time ~0.2 seconds.
- Updated Video BIOS to build 2009.
- Fixed issue where x12 memory ratio was not set correctly.
- Added x12 memory ratio for K-SKU processors.
- Fixed SMBIOS table ME update failure.
- Added setup option to disable USB Backward Compatibility mode.
- Fixed issue where system shuts down when certain processors are installed with no graphics.
- Freed up 256MB of system memory for operating system usage when more than 3GB of memory is installed.
- Improved BIOS boot time ~1.7 seconds.
- Fixed issue where if a normal setup option appears after a greyed out setup option, the normal option item is greyed out.
- Fixed issue where BIOS setup Time/Date changes from gray to blue when Access level is View Only.
- Added workaround for DIMMs where XMP profile is invalid.
- Fixed issue where operating system fails to resume from hibernation when user enters BIOS Setup during POST.
- Fixed issue where CPU Max Non-Turbo Ratio might not get programmed correctly.

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