Intel D5400XS Motherboard BIOS Update 1353

Date Added: Jul 2010 / OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 / File Size: 5342 KB / Publisher: Intel


About This Release:
- July 24, 2009
- XS54010J.86A.1353.2009.0724.1139
- SATA RAID Option ROM: Intel(R) RAID for SATA v5.6.7.1001
- SATA RAID Option ROM: Marvell 88SE61xx Version
- SATA non-RAID Option ROM: Marvell 88SE61xx Version 1.1.0.L70
- AHCI Code: Based on ICBO 05-09-2008
- LAN Option ROM: Intel(R) Boot Agent PXE GE v1.3.24
- LAN Option ROM: Intel(R) Boot Agent PXE Base Code (PXE-2.1 build 086)

New Fixes/Features:
- Updated fault tolerant firmware ID support.
- Fixed possible BIOS recovery failures.
- Fixed potential intermittent S3 failure.
- Fixed potential overlapped memory ranges in E820 data.
- Applied additional security fixes.
- Updated Express BIOS Update support.
- Corrected “Intel® 64 Architecture Capable” string.
- Fixed issue with certain storage adapter cards not being detected in POST.
- Fixed issue where you cannot PCIe SATA card Setup for certain storage adapter cards.
- Fixed a problem where USB devices were not detected during POST.
- Changed SMBIOS revision to 2.5.
- Updated SMBIOS Processor Family.
- Fixed issue where Express BIOS Update would fail after S3.
- Enabled Quad-Rank DIMM support.
- Fixed memory size reporting issues in BIOS and operating system.
- Fixed possible PCIe programming issues.
- Moved Watchdog Timer setup option to the Performance page.
- Updated support for high power PCIe adapters.
- Fixed failure in Windows Logo Kit (WLK) Simple Computer Display Object Test.
- Fixed issue with slow S3 resume time.
- Fixed recovery to prior BIOS versions.
- Fixed hang when the system is reset just after flash updating to a new BIOS.
- Fixed issue where the system would not boot with the certain storage adapter cards installed.

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