Asus P2-99B Beta BIOS 1013.005

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License: Freeware / Date Added: Feb 2008 / Operating Systems: All OS / File Size: 151.65KB / Publisher: Asus


Beta Version 1013.005: 1999/10/12 update
Description: P2-99B Beta BIOS 1013.005
The latest Beta BIOS.

Version 1011: 1999/10/12 update
Description: P2-99B BIOS 1011
Fix Russian Y2K test program failed.
No system node report for LPT when itis Setup disabled. (LPT port disabled in Windows when it is Setup disabled.)
Fix ACPI mode resource not allocated as Setup selected for ECP+EPP/278h/IRQ5 combination.
Fix system failure after Suspend when running Win98 second edition.
Update Symbios BIOS to Rev. 4.12.
Revise Y2K patch.
Fix boot failure with some boot managers installed.
Fix Microsoft Pre-OS test failure.
Support IDE hard disk larger than 32G bytes.

Version 1009: 1999/07/05 update
Description: P2-99B BIOS 1009
First Release.

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