Asus KN97-X Beta BIOS 0116.001

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License: Freeware / Date Added: Feb 2008 / Operating Systems: All OS / File Size: 116KB / Publisher: Asus


Version: 0116.001 1998/09/30 update
Description: KN97-X Beta BIOS 0116.001
The latest Beta BIOS.

Version: 0116  1998/11/25 update
Description: KN97-X BIOS 0116

Version: 0112  1997/08/06 update
Description: KN97-X BIOS 0112
Fix false parity error generated when both USWC/ECC enabled.
Fix DMI report error for 6 SIMM modules boards.
Support IOMEG ZIP 100 boot-up.
Fix CDROM boot fail if system is SCO UNIX and emulate to floppy.
Fix DOS6.22 fdisk.exe size not match with Win95 OS-R2.
Fix Quantum 12GB drive detect as 8GB.
Fix SCO UNIX bootable CDROM for installing error
Add USB keyboard 102-Key support.
Fix can not format 120MB diskette in Win95-OSR2 when inserted 720KB or 1.44MB diskette in drive before Win95 boot-up
Fix can not format 120MB diskette in Win95-OSR2 when drive A is 1.44MB standard Floppy and drive B is LS120 drive
Support PS/2 Always Enable in setup for IBM touch screen monitor.

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